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Guide Woodworking: A Quarter Century of Canadian Craftsmanship and Dedication

Celebrating 25 years of excellence, Guide Woodworking stands as a testament to family-driven success and unwavering commitment within the secondary wood manufacturing industry.

In honor of their 25th business anniversary, Guide Woodworking, a company renowned for its architectural woodwork and craftsmanship, reflects on its remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent player in Canada’s woodworking landscape.

Founded by Manny Jubran, Guide Woodworking’s roots trace back to Nazareth, Israel, where Manny honed his skills in his father’s woodshop. Inspired by the pursuit of a better life, Manny ventured to Canada in the 1980s, leaving behind a legacy of woodworking heritage in Israel. The Jubran family’s story embodies the determination and dedication that have propelled Guide Woodworking to its current stature.

Manny’s sons, Bass and Joe Jubran, have carried forward the legacy of craftsmanship with a blend of innovation and tradition.

Through trials and tribulations, the Jubran family navigated challenges such as the economic downturn of 2008 and personal health setbacks, demonstrating resilience and an unyielding work ethic. A defining moment arrived when the brothers were faced with the decision to either sell the business or commit wholeheartedly. They chose the latter, ushering in an era of growth and expansion.

Guide Woodworking’s success has hinged on its unwavering commitment to quality and service. The brothers prioritize client satisfaction over profit, embodying their father’s values. They have curated a team of skilled artisans, focused on delivering top-notch products, whether crafting intricate cathedral interiors or outfitting modern office spaces.

As the business looks toward the future, the Jubran family remains deeply rooted in their calling, ensuring that Guide Woodworking’s legacy of quality, integrity, and family-driven values continue to shine for generations to come. The story of Guide Woodworking serves as a true testament to the power of determination, familial bonds, and a passion for the craft. You can read the whole story in our upcoming fall Issue of Wood Industry Magazine.

Congratulations to Guide Woodworking for their 25th anniversary as a business and for all the great work they have done as a family.

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