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At Guide Woodworking, sustainability is not just a policy – it’s a core value deeply embedded in our heritage.

Our Philosophy

With over a century of history as a multi-generational business, we have cultivated a profound respect for our primary resource: wood. Understanding our responsibility to the environment and future generations, we are committed to harmonizing our craftsmanship with ecological stewardship. We took a pioneering step toward the future in becoming FSC Certified in 2007 (Forest Stewardship Council), and continue to purchase FSC certified materials from sustainable sources. Guide Woodworking is also LEED compliant (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) on several projects, striving to provide our clients and our community with results that satisfy design and function, as well as being environmentally responsible. We’ve also partnered with our government to retrofit our manufacturing facilities with leading energy efficient fixtures and equipment.

Partnership with Tree Canada

We are proud of our partnership with Tree Canada, a unique national non-profit organization devoted to enhancing Canada’s tree canopy. This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to environmental replenishment and sustainability. Tree Canada’s expertise in identifying suitable planting sites and native tree species – ranging from Eastern White Pine and Red Oak to Choke Cherry, Douglas Fir, and White Spruce – ensures the effectiveness of our joint efforts. In addition, our involvement in the National Greening Program signifies our active role in reforestation and afforestation initiatives across Canada. This program facilitates the planting of trees in critical areas, contributing significantly to ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation.

Our Commitment

At Guide Woodworking, our measure of success extends beyond the excellence of our woodwork. It encompasses the positive environmental impact we create. We invite you to join us in this journey, as we forge a future where business growth and forest growth are mutually reinforcing. Looking forward, we are planning new and exciting sustainability initiatives that include recycling practices, the re-use of existing wood structures, and furthering our relationship with Tree Canada.

Together, let’s craft a legacy of sustainability and responsible stewardship.