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Our Story

Despite our scope and scale, Guide Woodworking is still a family business with a unique and rich story that we are proud to continue to write today.

In 1876, one of our forefathers opened a small shop in the village of Nazareth – the city in which Jesus is said to have lived. That small shop grew, as fathers passed their woodworking skills to their sons over the generations, eventually transitioning to North America in 1986. From father to son it went until the baton reached our hands. As brothers, we are honoured to carry on our father’s tradition of passion, integrity, and quality artisanal woodworking to scale.

In fact, our father chose to move the family to Southern Ontario because he loved the vast number of fresh water lakes and rivers. Both he and our grandfather had traveled to other countries such as Germany to seek out the ideal place to raise their families and expand the business. From that small workshop in Nazareth we’ve grown to 46,000 square feet of modern woodworking technologies, equipment and workspace in Mississauga and in 2023 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our incorporation as Guide Woodworking in Canada – we know that our forefathers would be proud.

It wasn’t always easy. It seemed like just yesterday that dad was re-mortgaging our family home to fund a global search, hoping to find a cure for mother’s MS which came on suddenly in the early 2000s. Guide nearly went bankrupt, but thanks to our father’s drive and determination, the company thrived again and we’ve since manage to double the scope of the business.

Admittedly, there is a lot of pressure when you bear the weight of generations on your shoulders and through the skill in your hands. We deliver every time and every day and take pride in creating quality work that honours our family as we continue the artisanal traditions that they started so many years ago.

While the business has changed and technologies evolved, we still consider ourselves artisans and approach each now job with a ‘clean sheet’ of paper and work with you to create, define and deliver a vision that is truly your own.

Health and Safety

At Guide Woodworking, we pride ourselves on an impeccable health and safety record spanning over three generations.

You can access our Health and Safety documents (including our Violence and Harassment Policy), as well as our Codes of Conduct and Ethics, by clicking the button below.

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in a career with us as a skilled trade, a project manager, drafter, or member of the production team, please do not hesitate to contact us or Email Us your resume and we will contact you with any available positions.